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Art Direction

Graphics Production

Vendor Partner Collaboration

Project Overview:

Beginning in early 2019, Suddath began

the process of completely overhauling and redesigning the company's website, This was a large undertaking

that required an all hands on deck approach by not only the in-house marketing team,

but also in collaboration with T3, a web development partner based out of

Austin, Texas. 

Over the past 12 months, myself and the

Creative Services team collaborated with the Suddath Digital Marketing team and T3 to establish a design system for the site that

ties into Suddath's current branding, creating

a cohesiveness that could be seen across

all media.

Suddath is a diversified company with many service offerings, so the site needed to be

easily navigable by both B2C and B2B customers. With that came numerous UX hurdles that had to be overcome. We found creative solutions to many of the problems through close collaboration by the two teams.

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